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Leadership Academy

Early Education Business Consultants has helped to develop and manage the Director’s Leadership Academy in Hampton Roads to assist early child care program directors with essential training to grow as leaders. So often, directors do not have enough opportunities to nurture their leadership growth and develop new skills. Hampton Roads Shared Services Alliance and our early childcare partners in our region kindly support the Leadership Academy and other leadership programs. EEBC also assists other areas throughout the country in developing leadership training for early childcare programs. 


How does it work?

If you are a childcare director in Hampton Roads, you can join the Leadership Academy at no charge and attend the monthly online sessions. The more you attend, the more opportunities you have to build new insights, gain invaluable resources, and build relationships with other directors.  We have programs designed specifically for you…whether you are a director of a for-profit center, a family childcare program, or a non-profit center.

What happens during each session?

Each Leadership Academy session focuses on a topic our directors tell us is essential…like leading employees, health care opportunities, hiring new employees, and evaluating our leadership. We base discussions on industry leadership books (with free copies mailed to you) and bring in guest presenters. We also include time for sharing ideas and questions from participants.

2023-24 Directors

Leadership Academy 2022-2023 DRAFT.jpg

2023-24 Directors  

Leadership Academy 2022-2023 DRAFT.jpg
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