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Faith-Based Board Training

This training for nonprofits, pastors and faith-based preschool directors fills a void in many programs and communities.

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Our Nonprofit Board Training Workshops are especially beneficial for people new to the world of early childhood education.


These 2-hour workshops teach the four fundamental areas of board leadership.

Participants will learn:

  • Roles and responsibilities for pastors, board members and directors

  • How to create early childhood success through focused missions with intentional effort and planning

  • The latest trends & research in early childhood education

  • How to ensure you’re operating with best practices and a focus on high quality 

  • Industry challenges and how to overcome them with solid business practices

  • Best practices for board structure, collaborative decision making and strengthening relationships 

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Each participating program will receive a copy of "Staying on Course: The Early Childhood Board Guide to Success"

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