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Upcoming Presentation: "'Systems Mindsets' as Business Solutions for ECE Program Leaders"

In December 2018, Early Education Business Consultants CEO Lauren Small was featured on the Early Childhood Investigations Webinars site about her upcoming webinar presentation, “'Systems Mindsets' as Business Solutions for ECE Program Leaders, by Lauren Small, MBA."

Webinar Description:

Do you have a “Systems Mindset” for running your program? Making systems and processes a priority for almost everything aspect of your program helps you and your staff avoid burnout, understand expectations and processes, and operate efficiently. When you have processes in place for everything, you mitigate risk and create a healthier business.

As a director or owner of an early childhood program, you must wear many hats as the leader of your business. We often take a reactive, rather than proactive approach to management. But there is hope! This webinar, presented by business expert, Lauren Small, MBA, will help you lead your early childhood business more successfully by learning to look at everything your program does with a eye for how to systematize. You’ll learn how to take first steps toward developing a “systems mindset”for business management, human resources, finance, and marketing, and begin your journey to mastering a whole new set of skills.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Shift thinking to look at early childhood programs with a business perspective

  2. Understand how a systems mindset creates operational efficiencies and more effective delegation.

  3. Grasp the critical elements of business management and what best practices needed for success.

  4. Find out how to achieve big, bold business goals through effective strategic planning and goal setting.

You can earn .2 CEUs for each webinar. The cost is $15 paid to University of Oklahoma online when you apply. Learn more here: Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from University of Oklahoma

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