How can best business practices turn around your community's early education programs? 

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Financial Forecasting

Business Technical Assistance

A customized coaching approach to understanding and improving your early childhood business's finances.


Early Education Business Consultants takes the tears and frustration out of financial forecasting and provides business owners and directors with useable tools such as:

  • Payroll Calculator & Budgeting Tool

  • Tuition Calculator & Budgeting Tool

  • Cash Flow Projection

You will have an opportunity to work directly with one our our consultants to customize these tools for your unique business needs but learn how to use them to

  • Run Scenarios to Analyze Business Impact

  • Quickly Adapt to Changing Guidelines and Customer Needs

  • Confidently Make Sound Business Decisions

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Step 1:  Request for Technical Assistance

Begin by completing the Technical Assistance Request. 




Early Education Business Consultants works in partnership with the SBDC and other State and Community Organizations to offer our services. This request form will provide us with the required consent, information to set up your account, as well as pair you with the right consultant.  

Step 2:  Prepare Cash Flow Projection Worksheet

We have simplified this process into 3 steps.  A member of our team will transform your data into a customized Cash Flow Projection specific to your center. 


Step 2A:  Expense Worksheet

Step 2B:  Tuition & Revenue Projection

Step 2C:  Payroll Cost Projection

*email completed documents to

Step 3:  Review & Coaching 

Once your Cash Flow Projection is complete, an Early Education Business Consultant will schedule a virtual meeting with you.  Together you will review the results and make any necessary adjustments.  The consultant will coach you to use the Cash Flow Projection Worksheet as tool to guide your business decisions.

Below is a blank template if you wish to familiarize yourself with the end product.

Cash Flow Projection Worksheet (Simplified)