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Image by Olga DeLawrence

Financial Forecasting Consulting

A customized coaching approach to understanding and improving your

early childhood business's finances with up to 4 hours of consultant time.

Image by Scott Graham

It's all fun and games until the spreadsheets come out!  Early Education Business Consultants takes the tears and frustration out of financial forecasting and provides business owners and directors with useable tools such as:

  • Payroll Calculator & Budgeting Tool

  • Tuition Calculator & Budgeting Tool

  • Cash Flow Projection

You will have an opportunity to work directly with one our our industry business experts to not only customize these tools for your unique business needs but also learn how to use them to

  • Run Scenarios to Analyze Business Impact

  • Quickly Adapt to Changing Guidelines and Customer Needs

  • Confidently Make Sound Business Decisions


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