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Train The Trainer Program

Why should I enroll in this program?

EEBC provides Train-the-Trainer programs to statewide and city specific SBDCs throughout the United States. We understand that busy SBDC business consultants/coaches and technical assistants may have massive business or tech experience but have not had the opportunity to sharpen their training skills specifically for their early child care program business owners. Often our business owners love children and have been educators for years, but they have little experience in business operations. 


-Trainer program can be customized to support any internal early child care staff for collaborative groups supporting the sustainability and growth of quality early child care education. The local advisors in a geographical area are the best resource for assisting early child care programs. We assist them to understand the needs and challenges of our industry while they are learning compelling teaching techniques.


What support does Train The Trainer provide?

  • Assessment of participants' current early child care experience and specific challenges within their early child care centers.

  • Program curricula design specific to business systems and challenges, such financial management, leadership, hiring and employee engagement, and automation of systems critical to the early child care industry.

  • Early Child Care culture and resources

  • Development of their training style and how to best support the business owners. 

  • Post training survey and outcomes report

"Quote from SBDC business consultant or coach"
Who funds this program?

The Train-the-Trainer program can be a comprehensive program, or it can be a pre- training program for attendees joining owners and directors involved in our Early Education Business Program.

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