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Early Education Business Program

​A "mini MBA" for child care providers!

Why should I enroll in this program?

If you are like most child care providers and preschool directors, your background and skills are in educating children—and not necessarily in business. For your program to be successful, you need more than amazing staff and a nice facility. You need to follow a proper business model, with proven HR practices, budgeting ability, branding and marketing, and customer service to your parents. This is an investment of your time, and into your program.


​How does it work?

The Early Education Business Program is series of eight group classes, which cover a variety of business classes specific to the early childhood industry. All classes include:

  • Speaking segment

  • Group interaction

  • Great networking

  • Connections to community resources


What other benefits will I receive?*

Individual mentoring

The mentor is there to help you develop your individual goals and to provide support in achieving those goals.

One-on-ones with a business counselor

Find out weaknesses you might have been missing, opportunities for growth, and a customized plan for positive change

FREE business support

Depending on your program's specific needs and our available budget, you are eligible for one or more of the following:

  • Improve or develop a website

  • Improve or develop  a logo

  • QuickBooks consulting support

  • Childcare Management Software implementation

  • Other creative services such as flyer design

You will be responsible for all subscription/hosting fees, printing costs, and other material and digital costs. We provide only labor (setup, guidance, creative services).


Customized for your business model

We have further customized the Early Education Business Program to meet the distinct needs of the business models and current challenges within the industry.  

Topics You'll Learn About

  • Strategic business planning

  • Best marketing techniques for early education

  • Accounting basics

  • Financial management

  • Leadership

  • Human resource management

  • Automation

Infinitee Day School, Norfolk VA
Who funds this program?

In most cases, local government and business organizations provide grants to cover our services. They understand this is an investment not only in the business community, but in families and the future of our children.

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